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About us

Tchai-Ovna Fine Teas is Scotland’s oldest speciality tea house. We are home to over 80 carefully chosen, high grade loose leaf teas. Our teas are harvested sustainably and ethically, most being Fairtrade, organic and direct sourced. Through the 20 years, 360 days a year and 12 hours a day, we have honed and perfected traditional chai recipes – all blended in-house (Yogi Chai, Desi Chai, Lemongrass Chai etc.) and invented our own recipes (Fairies Blood, Honey Spiced Tea and many more.).

Tchai-Ovna is more than just an online shop – it is a way of life and part of the fabric of the local and world community. When you purchase a packet of our speciality tea, you are not just buying some tea, but you are experiencing a special and unique culture.

Working with our Growers.

We stay in regular contact with our partnered famers and cultivators from India to Japan. Making sure to pay above the market value for the best quality tea and spice direct from the source. 

Farmed without the use of chemical fertilizers, Tchai-Ovna ingredients is lab tested organic. This means that our chai is fully natural, medicinal and authentic. 

Bringing it Home

Due to this direct connection with our suppliers, we are able to cut out any third party distributors. This allows us to buy from the growers at a fair price and simultaneously create an affordable ethical product for the consumer.