Welcome to Tchai-Ovna’s pre-booking system. Amongst other things, due to the impact of the coronavirus we have had to reduce our capacity. For this reason we are encouraging everyone who want to come and chill out again in our tea shop to prebook using this online booking system in order to make sure you get a table and don’t have to wait too long. The good news, tis that we have a good amount of beautiful outdoor seating.

  • Booking slots 1.5 hours and require a £10 deposit person which is then refunded when you arrive.
  • Bookings must be made at least 1 hour in advance of the desired time.
  • If you would rather just walk in, that is still possible but please be aware that priority will be given to reservations. We have quite a lot of outside seating.

When you place a booking you can request a table, and if it is available then we will try to get it for you. For smaller bookings we will prioritise smaller tables,  and for larger bookings we will prioritise larger tables. Just for reference table 3 is the Zen den and table 6 is the fireplace.