Sakura-no Shincha Moe

This extra-special Japanese sencha combines the freshness of the first harvest with the depth of flavour of the old seeds from the bush variety Yabukita. Grown exclusively in the Kumamoto prefecture in Southern Japan, this tea has only come to grace our shelves for a limited time period. The finest leaves and leaf buds were harvested in mid April, a whole week before the true first flush — one might say you can’t get any closer to tasting the tea tree as it comes. This is directly reflected in the vivid hue of the leaves — it’s our greenest one yet!

On the palate, this tea has all the vegetal seaweedy richness of sencha combined with an almost caramely roundedness which brings to mind an almost whisky-level depth of flavour. The staff verdict on this one is: very aromatic and satisfyingly full-bodied. We don’t imagine we’ll have it for very long so best come down to the shop, try it and tell us what you think it’s like!