Assam TGFOP Fairtrade Tonganagaon set


100g of our superior Assam Tippy Golden Flowery Pekoe, Fairtrade black tea – full of malty and floral flavour made chemical free, with a pack of 100 unbleached filters and a funnel filter clip. A wonderful gift whatever the season.

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Our Assam Tippy Golden Flowery Pekoe is a Fairtrade black tea made without chemicals by a tea garden in the Assam region that prides itself on creating amazing tea without compromising  the welfare of the work force or environment. In Assam this really matters.

Tea needs space to swim around whilst infusing in order to fully unlock its character, but it is not always convenient to use a tea pot. What better way to have the convenience without sacrificing quality and the environment than to make your own tea bag using our large tea filters.¬† Enough room to swim, and quick to assemble. Just one teaspoon into our large, unbleached biodegradable tea filters and leave to brew for as long as you like for a wonderful, full bodied and characterful infusion. What’s more is that this is a great gift any time of year!

Weight 350 g