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Genmai Cha – Kirishima Miumori


75 grams.

Miumori Genmaicha is produced by the Hayashis, a Japanese traditional tea-growing family, in Kirishima on the island of Kagoshima.

Its special quality is that roasted brown rice is added to Bancha, creating a uniquely robust, wholesome and satisfying taste that complements the floral depths of high quality Japanese green tea.


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Miumori Genmaicha is produced by the Hayashis (pictured below), a Japanese traditional tea-growing family in Kirishima, on the island of Kagoshima.

They use time-honoured methods passed down through the generations, so that no chemicals are used in their process. Genmai Cha is a green bancha tea (in this case Miumori cultivar bancha) with roasted brown rice blended in to augment its flavour and aroma.

Folklore has it that this tea was originally drunk by peasants as a way of supplementing their diet. It has also been suggested that tea, a relatively expensive commodity, was bulked up in weight by the addition of rice in the marketplace, as a way of making it go a bit further.


Weight 75 g


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