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Herbal & Fruit

These beverages are called teas due to their being brewed similarly, but do not actually derive from the tea plant itself. Herbal teas have been drunk long before the introduction of tea proper into Europe for a range of medicinal purposes, or just because of their taste.

Mate varieties

Maté Rancho £3.60  free refill

This highly stimulative beverage is made from an alternative plant to tea found in South America where it is extremely popular, especially in Argentina and Brazil. Known as Ché Guevara’s favourite drink it was originally a beverage enjoyed primarily by the South American Indians. A strong taste and a energising effect helping the weary gaucho through the sun baked pampas. We serve it in a special maté bowl made from a gourd.

Maté IQ £3.60

Sweet and fruity with all the stimulative goodness of Mate Rancho, Mate IQ has a compelling citric zest that would refresh even the most dried out of brain cells. If you’re willing to test your IQ out on the complexities of this Mate’s taste then perhaps this is the one for you.

Mate Boom Boom £6.50

Feeling under the weather, exhausted, lacking the will to return to the trials of the real world? Obliterate all this with Mate Boom Boom, an otherworldly concoction of all things invigorating; mate rancho, ginseng, chunmee green tea, mint, brown sugar, and no doubt some kind of mystic incantations – all in one disarming looking tea pot. (Not for the faint hearted!)

Pepper Mint £2.80

This herb is good for promoting alertness and clarity. Medically it is an anti-spasmodic, carminative, antiemetic, and diaphoretic. It and can be used to alleviate bowel pains, indigestion and wind.

Camomile Flowers £2.80

There are many traditional medicinal uses for camomile, including the treatment of flu and insomnia., as well as creating a general sense of calm and wellbeing.

Pau d’arco £3.60

Also called “TEA OF INCAS” this tea is made from the bark of the Lapacho tree that grows between Argentina and Brazil. It is highly acclaimed for its immune system benefits and apparently fights cancer.

Strawberry and Kiwi fruit £2.80

This is no ordinary fruit tea, not only is this absolutely scrumptious to drink, but also once you’ve finished you can eat the fruit as it is in fact made of real chunks of fruit.

Turkish Apple £2.70

A wonderfully refreshing, fruity tea, perfect for perking up the metabolism after the occasional inevitable night of debauchery. Turkish apple tobacco is also highly recommended with this.  (Contains sugar).

Lavendula £2.80

Made out of natural lavender blossom, this beverage is good for headaches and for sending you into a pleasant slumber.

Nettle Tea £2.80

Nettle tea been used through history as a detoxifier for the blood system, removing unwanted impurities. It also helps with lowering blood sugar and improving digestion and relieving pain.

Organic Rooibos super grade £3.40

This South African speciality is a herbal infusion that was very popular in days of yore amongst the South African Bushmen, and now is very commonly drunk throughout South African society. It is made from the leaves and sprigs of the rooibos bush and has a beautiful smoky richness, floral depth and hempen nose. Truly the taste of Africa.

Rooibos Kalahari £3.40

A taste of bushman paradise, the deep ochre rooibos of South Africa blessed with the citric fruits of paradise, lemon, orange an lemongrass with a touch of marigold and a hint of Scottish thistle. This decaffeinated herbal beverage in as refreshing as it sounds.

Honeybush £3.40

As suggested in its name this roasted variety of the little known South African herb effuses a unique honey-like sweetness, with a pleasant, nigh desertine warmth.

Korean Ginseng Honey and Lemon £3.60

Made from the finest selected Korean Ginseng it is specially prepared to retain the efficacious ingredients of panaxosides. A very healthy drink for both sexes, all ages and all seasons. The health benefits of this tea are truly remarkable. This is the list: treatment for heavy drinking and smoking; nourishing and strengthening the physique; maintaining youth and vitality; reducing fat and cholesterol and maintaining a good figure.

Raspberry Flower £2.80

Old remedy for many things such as nervousness, bowel pains and sore throats.

Organic Apple £2.80

A natural fruity infusion from cubes of dried apple from Asia Minor – a pleasant and refreshing experience. (For an extra 20p you can get fresh zesty ginger added).

Fennel and mint £3.60

When stricken by those times of embarrassment, i.e. flatulence this herbal infusion, especially when blended with mint can reinstate your place in the hub of society. Likewise it helps with your general digestive system and so helps calm your nerves. Superb herb!