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Join us in our mission to celebrate nature’s finest leaf teas and spices. We stock a large selection, each one unique in their flavour and aroma. If you run a catering business or a shop and would like to partner with us, get in touch with us by filling in the contact form and become a member of our Tchai-Ovna family.

5 Reasons to Stock Our Teas...

  1. Quality and Ethics – We have a fascinating selection of the world’s highest quality premium teas and spices, sourced direct from ethical growers, from India to Japan. Quality need not come at the expense of the planet.
  1. Price – Our wholesale teas are priced reasonably, ensuring a good return for our stockists and partners. For example 1kg of our Yogi Chai produces 662 cups of chai
  1. Sustainable practices – As well as stocking tea and spices produced organically that are fully traceable, all our packaging is 100 biodegradeable.
  1. Personal support – Having run Tchai-Ovna tea house for over two decades, as well as serving at busy festivals and events, we really understand the need for quick and efficient service. For some, preparing tea properly can seem daunting. But quality and speed can cohabit!  Serving quality leaf tea in a way that respects the character and flavour of the tea, and yet satisfies the impatient customer is indeed possible, it just takes a bit of knowhow. This is why we support and train all our wholesale clients personally on their journey into the wonderful world of tea.
  1. Integrity – Tchai-Ovna is well respected in Scotland not only as one of the first dedicated tea specialists in the UK (founded back in 2000) but also as an ethical business which has stocked organic, fair trade and direct sourced produce for many years.