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ethics & ethos

 since we began in 2000, our ethics have been at the forefront of everything we do, from creating an open and welcoming work environment, to the relationships we have built up overseas with our tea and spice growers. we are honoured to be able to procure directly from wonderful communities who prioritise humanitarian and eco-friendly practices; when you buy from Tchai-Ovna, you become part of this community. 

– our spice agent Amar, pictured above with cardamom harvesters in Kerala –


Tchai-Ovna lives on as a pop-up in various different spaces, including music festivals, healing events, community fairs, and tea ceremonies.

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Artisan clay, china and cast Iron traditional pots for brewing.
Tea Pots
A diverse selection of cups and bowls for sipping.
Tea Cups
For the tea lovers.
Direct source, Fairtrade & organic spice. Perfect for home recipes.
Specially selected & ethically sourced from the four corners of the world.
Loose-Leaf Tea
An extensive range of exquisite