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Scented Teas

Organic Green Jasmine £3.80 free refill

This is one of the most popular scented teas, often served in Chinese restaurants as a pleasant after meal beverage.  To scent tea the jasmine petals are usually dried and powdered.  Our own blend, however, is time-consumingly layered in trays above jasmine petals so the scent is absorbed into the fabric of the leaf.

Jasmine Golden Dragon £5.60 free refill

Without a doubt the most astoundingly beautiful tea to shed blossom in our cajovna this delicately made ball of high quality long fujien green tea leaves comes alive on contact with water, slowly opening out and revealing a little secret, a pink lily flower with a spark of white jasmine. As tasty as it looks this is an essential experience for the tea crazed meditator.

Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha £3.80

Black Pu-Erh tea mini balls blended with dried chrysanthemum petals, a unique and very ancient tradition full of flowery darkness.

Lotus  £2.70

This is a traditional scented black tea scented with lotus petals.

Organic Earl Grey £2.70

The first sip of this tea will send your head to the gardens of Babylon. With a well blended body and a natural refreshing bergamot flavour, this is by far the best Earl Grey I have ever had. This tea is based on a fine blend of Darjeeling and Assam BOPs.

Cinnamon £2.70

Black Ceylonese tea brewed with aromatic cinnamon. A popular tea in Persia.

Little Buddha £3.80 free refill

Bursting with flowery, fruity passion, this flavoured Japanese green tea nevertheless can bring you into a state of relaxed meditation, perhaps with all the mental agility of the youthful little Buddha himself?

Flavoured and Spiced Teas

Flavoured teas are becoming increasingly popular.  We pride ourselves on supplying naturally flavoured teas, which, like the Chinese scented teas (which can also be classified as flavoured teas) usually are made using flower petals and different blends – as well as fresh herbs and spices which we may add ourselves.

Caramel £2.70

Yummy caramel sweetness with tea’s herbal consistency.

Arctic Fire £2.70

It is perhaps refreshing and compelling mangoesque flavour of this tea, which looks as interesting as it tastes, which makes it one of our most popular flavoured teas

Ginger £2.70

Using natural ginger root we believe this to be another of our good, refreshing and spicy specialities.