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Matcha-making teaware set incl. organic Miumori Kirishima ceremonial grade matcha


Set of a 20g bag of high quality, ceremonial grade Miumori Kirishima matcha, as used in Japanese tea ceremonies, with a bamboo matcha whisk, bamboo stirring stick and a patterned Sumie ceramic teacup . Everything you need to create your own special moment.

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Miumori Kirishima is a high quality, ceremonial grade matcha, as used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Our matcha is made in traditional style by the Hayashi family at their plantation in the Kirishima Mountains, using fully organic processes and a selection of tea plants that in some cases are over 100 years old! It is made using only the tips of the plant, lending it a rounded, smooth taste that nevertheless has strong umami elements and a hint of sweetness.

As a high grade matcha, we suggest drinking it on its own, to best enjoy its unique flavours.

Here, we offer it as part of a set, with traditional bamboo whisk and stirrer for preparing the tea, as well as a Sumie ceramic teacup for enjoying it at its best.

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