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This is a partially fermented tea, somewhere between green and black tea. As the technology for each tea producer is slightly different and also since the traditional methods used are not very exact, oolongs can vary greatly in degree of fermentation. We have on offer a range from long-fermented to lightly fermented oolongs.  The oolong tea leaf tends to have a green middle and brown edges, thence the colour of the liquor (brewed tea liquid) ranges from brown to yellowy green. A light earthy aroma and a pleasant, nutty taste are typical characteristics of the tea. In China and Taiwan these teas are popularly drunk as they are good for the body and create a sense of wellbeing perhaps explained by the interplay of the intensified caffeine content and the retention of the tea leaves’ nutritious qualities.

Ti Kuan Yin Temple of the Iron Goddess of Mercy £3.80 free refill

This very popular tea of deep, but fragrant aroma has a subtle hint of rice, mango taste and a nutty presence.  A poor tea grower was guided in a dream to plant tea seeds by the doorstep of the temple of Kuan Yin. Miraculously a marvellous tea tree sprouted and was so excellent that the penniless master grew more and became, thanks to the Goddess of Mercy, a tea fat cat.

Ginseng Ti Kuan Yin – £4.60 free refill

A top quality Chinese oolong from the temple of the Iron Goddess of Mercy which in itself has the body, colour and taste of the mists of the temple gardens and the nutritious euphoria of oolong. Each finely crafted leaf is almost magically coated in star dust-like pure ginseng, adding extra zest and life giving qualities.

Milk Oolong £4.60 free refill

A tantalising tea from the royal island of Formosa, this high class green orientated oolong has somehow evolved a creamy milk like essence originating from the leaf itself, untainted by human intervention. A curiosity and a highly satisfying brew.

Oolong Fancy £4.60 free refill

This is one of the highest quality oolong teas, enjoyed for centuries by the highest echelons of Taiwanese society. One could say that to drink this tea is to experience generations of royal cultivation in a cupful. Smell the aroma and envisage the aromatic tea gardens, a naturally subtle taste with a touch of sugar to emphasise its flowery taste. A most remarkable euphoric feeling is created by the whole experience.

Orange Blossom Oolong £3.80  free refill

The longer the tea is left to infuse the more compelling the euphoria of oolong. Developing maturity as you drink, the real orange peel that permeates this blend all but pricks the nose with a surprising zestiness.

Oolong Voolong –Dragon’s oolong £3.40  free refill

Another quality tea from the Fujien province, a region famous for its green and oolong teas. This is a remarkably full and flavoursome tea, with a freshness balanced with a striking toffee essence.